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tracking the storm across the bay area. kron 4 sports sites team coverage giving us the latest on a landslide in san paulo. >>reporter: the city of san paulo issued yellow tags to to more homes on saturday. that's because this area continues to slide downhill. in fact, city inspectors say between friday and saturday, this back yard went down another two more feet perhaps more. a the walker family is moving out after the city told them on saturday, it's no longer safe. >> the house is cracking inside, so it is beyond repair. the back >>reporter: yard is gone because of sliding down to the house bloat owned by sandra. >> devastated. >>reporter: her backyard is covered by mud and debris. the house was yellow tags saturday. heavy rains triggered the slide thursday. at least six homes are affected. so far three houses have been yellow tag and one patio deck has been red tape. her husband leon bought the house in 2004 and raised two children in the home. >> i'm still in denial. i don't know weren't going to go. >>reporter: knows it's time to go, she can hear her house crack everytime
>>vicki: 1 mail account of a car derailment. three people were injured, kron 4 is live for us in the bart station to tell us how to clean up will affect tomorrow morning's commute. >>reporter: do here in doesn't have any effect on it to you, if that is why they're busy at work at this point. remember is literally fit well over, if you actually see what they are doing as we >> . if we're in the process of lifting these trains that ralph of the tracks. if they're trying to clear the tracks. earlier today we talk to the gentleman who is inside one of those cars with the real 3 1/2 >> i was listening to news that analysts of a live far from me jumped off and land over to my seat and sat down and was planning to carry it the car was fined five lives across the dirt and valves in. obviously i was thinking this could see it, i have died. >>reporter: this we knew you looking at is actually view of all the people on board being attacked we do. he was filmed by a number of new who were in the area and half and half our camera. off at your live even see they are busy at work. fe will be
because of weather. >> kron4 news it etch 9. the u.s. and allies lost the first missile assault. emergency crews are trying to deal with the nuclear crisis in japan. radiation levels are exceeded the safety limits and have been detected in food and water near the plant. plus, they say you cannot predict the next big quake but when bay area the knowledge of says that if you have to the next week. the them by developing the news in libya. present record, has announced and u.s. military strike against the military in libya. it is an effort designed to get the military in line. more bloodshed. the nation's government has blasted the operations in their nation. they say innocence has been clouded in the crossfire. barbour has the latest. >> reporter: at the u.s. military has key allies such as france and great billion -- great britain launching misfiles. present record, was speaking from brazil and says the u.s. will not have to come again. he will not idly stand by (no audio) >> vicki: we are having some audio issues. hours after the attack the leader it went on the tv and said that he would d
. last night there were high winds and rain. first let us begin our weather coverage. >>bryan: things are quieting down this evening. into this if there right now you can see a couple of showers. as beat get into this as bait that showers are starting to show here. one a one northbound near south san jose has showers. it is heading towards morgan hill. rainfall totals for this weekend by between 1-2 in.. over 2 in. for santa rosa. fairfield, penfield. in some spots into the santa cruz mountains 3-4 in. of rain. it is pushing it to the top. (laughter) more about the lead for has come up. the key? >> vicki: the proof of a horse rescue shelter has been torn through. >> reporter: f-16 by 20 ft. shelter has been ripped through. the shelter it once looked like this. >> if this really heavy. >> reporter: property owner that seat said it shot up straight into the sky. >> it was like the world win. like a ghost moved it. >> reporter: the horses jumped out as the group was being lifted. some of my biggest fear was that the horses would be heard by the metal. >> reporter: this is where it was. i
at a high level. brokers are using see what he did cool. experts are worried about a meltdown. some reports say has begun. kron 4 spoke to the possibility vote in now on. >>reporter: fear is growing in japan about a possible nuclear meltdown. workers aren't evil the " three reactors after large quake jolted the region and south coast and on these costs even more damage. japanese officials that if so desperate it began helping sea water on to the reactors. top travertine is a nuclear energy expert in the senate left the water is used reactor will never work again. half a day >> in keeping cool continuously, and they're not going to be usable. i laugfin the risk to be cliff at large is low. chernobyl was a different kind of reactor, it's the kind of reactor that we don't allow in your or in the ninth for japan. there is enough information for anybody to tell you what is going happen next if >>reporting live, this is kron4 news. >>reporter: is video showing the powerful finale rolling into town for e.f. the nation is having a hard time recovering after a surge water continues to push through c
in so great. groping the surrounding community will support us. as soon as we get cleaned up the back to visit. >>vicki: it's estimated that 100 businesses were damaged during the flooding. we have a team coverage on how to communities are dealing with the cleanup which includes an evacuation order in san pablo. >>reporter: some evacuations are still in order here in san paulo, the fact that nobody has been hurt is good news. look behind me, you can see if there are still big problems. i want to show you this house. the folks who live here have not been evacuated, but look of the back porch in you concede that is something that could change. i should do the fence a minute ago, it is sideways and goes to this house right there. the folks in that house have been evacuated. everything is every which way. i want to show you those trees that you see in the distance. officials were busy cutting those trees today because they were leaning at home sitting house on the other side of those bushes. obviously, you have big problems for at least seven properties in the san paulo area. this is one
-you! >>stanley: kron4 news. >> vicki: if you have a story even less and that the belt.the bell us at peoplebehavingbadly@kron4.co m. sharks had a bird do application of public up. >> vicki: buried with the today. the water it is backed up. is that good news? >>bryan: at the flag shows that it will be their best the to our. 30-40 mi. per hour. >> vicki: hold tight to your steering wheel. >>bryan: yes hold tight. well we are dealing with this scattered showers. here is one in san francisco. produce a light to moderate trade. also give prospective with wet weather. there is a the other pocket in oakland. up it to richmond. it is produce a heavier rain with light showers. they are moving to the east. the showers are wrapping up. it should be done by midday. the clouds will clear. i think a police sunday. the waves are coming off the ocean. >> shark service soup. there is a debate that is so controversy all in chinatown that brother of the dozen or so restaurants that i call or visit with wanted to talk about it on camera. i found this store. it was featured in verdi york times article
. the privacy of blue and white to graywaves all acroe bay.rain all across the bay. will be with us for the night, and tomorrow. sunday is rainiest day. the whole s torm is shifting to the south. still showers lingering through the day into evening. look for the heavsest amounts at a inch or more.. i will; let you know more later on. park >> vicki: still ahead, the tornado. charlie sheen. the i pad. the >> most of the state's district faces many cuts. staff and administrators a fee on the chopping block.they g block.may be on the chopping block. more bad news for them. jeff perce has more., report >> >> reporter: budget falls caused take slippink slips. is n us yet. >> the number of people getting fired is poorly it daily.is it will waive daily. g >> reporter: david it sanchez is urging action. >> we need to support the bidders. (cheering & applause) >> reporter: they are trying to review policies that will expire later this year. >> the public school your bike path to be cut by several weekmay need to be cut s net year. wear red, and a whole protest amopng wha ewe are calling "red
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